2013 Coking & CatCracking Conference


This conference is unique, inventive and practical. Where else will you see Refinery Managers, Technical Directors and dozens of operators gathered at the same event. There are technical papers, breakout groups, demonstrations and workshops, exhibits and lots of networking. It is truly diverse with something for everyone.

MEA INC will be showcasing our Phoenix product line at the 2013 Coking & CatCracking Conference. The Phoenix product line consists of customized hydraulic actuator solutions for DCU valves, namely the Wilson-Snyder* Switch Valve. Additionally, we offer solutions for

  • Overhead vapor valves
  • Steam blowdown control valves
  • Cutting water pump isolation valves
  • Quench extraction valves
  • Coke drum feed isolation valves
  • Coke drum switch valves (lift & turn plug type)
  • Coke drum switch valves (ball type)
  • Light coker gas oil pump valves
  • Heavy coker gas oil pump valves
  • “frac” bottoms valves
  • Unheading & deheading hydraulic valve actuators
  • Hydraulic power units for use with decoking tool winch