Process control is complicated. Often, you need custom products. Or products that are configured to your needs. Either way, getting exactly what you need is straightforward and process-driven when you work with MEA.

You’ll find our hydraulic actuation solutions are simple, and remarkably effective. MEA addresses the complexities, bringing unexpected ease to your day-to-day process control. How do we do it? One word: experience.

Founded in 1963, MEA INC has over 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of custom hydraulic, actuator, measurement and control systems. Our systems help lower operating costs, improve safety, simplify maintenance and improve your operation’s output. Today we are leveraging technology advancements to develop innovative products that can be readily configured to suit a wide range of requirements. We are using our engineering ingenuity to develop flexible standard products that will reduce the need to engineer everything from scratch.

Resources serving your behalf

MEA has everything in place to ensure our work together goes as planned. From consultation through installation, MEA works hard to exceed your expectations.

  • State-of-the-art design, engineering and manufacturing facility located just outside of Chicago, Illinois
  • Highly trained staff, from design engineers through field support
  • Global manufacturing and distributor partnerships that are dedicated to providing smooth and uninterrupted service
  • Quality control and inspection systems, ensuring that MEA meets your specifications exactly from initial drawing approval through final production and installation

Advancing the industrial hydraulics industry: Our work says it all

  • MEA designed the first high performance servo control for electrohydraulic slide valve actuators for oil refineries in 1978. We’ve been refining and improving them ever since.
  • MEA has more proven field installations on steam turbines for the electrical power industry than any other manufacturer of all electric servo drives.
  • In the steel industry, MEA was the first to build a revolutionary new laser edge guide system that measures strip edge under all environmental conditions.