The Eagle product line is MEA INC’s answer to market demand for a hydraulic actuator for FCCU (fluid catalytic cracking unit) applications. Where it is critical to eliminate downtime, the Eagle steps in with available redundant controls. The optional secondary control system seamlessly takes over in the event of a failure, assuring the process continues uninterrupted while maintenance and repairs take place.

The Eagle also offers unmatched power and precision when actuating valves in critical processes. Introduced in 1979 as an analog system, the Eagle hydraulic power unit and actuator now feature fully digital controls.


The Eagle is most commonly used in oil refineries. It also serves applications in water treatment plants and gas production. MEA has applied this solution to a wide range of slide valves, as well as butterfly and plug valves.

  • Redundant servo control system
  • Testable and redundant emergency shut down system
  • Externally mounted mouse
  • Double filter manifold design


  • Precise positioning to a resolution of 1/1000 of an inch
  • Remote operation when fully networked with the DCS
  • Self-diagnostics communicate potential problems before they occur
  • Optional redundant controls virtually eliminate unplanned downtime