Hawk, High Performance Actuation


The MEA Hawk electrohydraulic actuator sets a new industry standard. It raises actuation performance, while simplifying installation, operation and maintenance.

This self-contained, compact modular actuator is ideal for applications requiring high duty cycle, large thrust and torques, or fast stroking speeds. Hawk’s digital controls have eliminated the troublesome components that contributed to unplanned downtime in previous-generation electrohydraulic actuation systems. Hawk strikes the ideal balance between performance and cost, allowing you to gain the level of control you really need in a wider range of applications.


Key Features and Applications

Easy to install and quickly configured, the MEA Hawk delivers high performance actuation in virtually any application where speed, accuracy and reliability are critical. For example…

  • Pump station pressure control
  • Terminal inlet pressure control
  • Metering balance control
  • Meter back pressure control
  • Pump recycle control

Hawk Advantages

  • Modular design with fewer moving parts decreases maintenance and extends lifecycle
  • Fast, slow or both: adaptable open and close speed broadens the scope of applications
  • Lowest power consumption: Hawk’s motor only runs during repositioning
  • Provides positioning accuracy that is significantly better than traditional control valve actuators
  • Easily retrofits to almost any valve style