Over 50 Years of History

MEA INC was founded in 1963 by Mr. Thaddeus Lasiewicz. Over dinner one night, a friend in the Steel Industry explained a problem he was having maintaining efficiency in his blast furnace. What began as a sketch on a napkin has resulted in almost 50 years of effective problem solving for customers in the utility, refining and steel industries.

MEA history timeline
MEA INC is founded by T.W. Lasiewicz as a consulting company to the steel industry. MEA INC designed its first actuator in 1966 for gas boiler pressure controls and embedded 8 men as service contractors to Interlake Steel.
MEA INC develops a “Super Thrust” Electro-Hydraulic Modulating Actuator followed by similar models for Nuclear and Pipeline applications. MEA INC designs Center and Edge Guides for the Steel Industry based on laser technology. In conjunction with UOP LLC, MEA INC develops the first high speed, high accuracy Electro-Hydraulic self-contained actuator – the precursor to the Eagle System.

MEA INC develops Electro-Hydraulic, modulating actuators for Ortho Flow Plug Valves and designs a “Super Thrust” modulating Low Pressure Actuator. MEA INC partners with several valve manufacturers to offer integrated solutions.

MEA INC designs and builds the first Dual “Super Thrust” Actuator, the first “Super Thrust” Digital Steam Turbine Control and the first “Super Thrust” Nuclear Damper Actuator. MEA INC revolutionizes Coker Switch Valve actuation with the first Phoenix model and introduces the first Redundant Analog Controller.

MEA INC earns ISO 9001:2000 certification. MEA INC designs the first Redundant Digital Controller. Improvements and upgrades carry digital controls into the third Generation and beyond – the present Eagle System.

With the retirement of founder T.W. Lasiewicz, MEA INC moves forward under the new leadership of President Jack Mueller who states, “Our current & new customers can expect that MEA INC will continue to be the innovative company it has always been. With Service and Support as our cornerstone, the next half century will be more exciting than the first.”